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Crude oil moved up, an increase in gold

Dollar weakness and signs of rising US crude stocks are seeing is an increase in crude oil prices. Dilution crude rose nearly 1 percent in the international market is the level of

Gold imports declined 8 percent, trade deficit at 5-year low

Gold prices in the last year of the country’s gold imports fell to $ 3,172 million (2.11 trillion) was. 3,538 million in the country in 2014-15 (2.35 lakh crore) worth of gold

Crude Oil Returned Faster Price

In international market Crude is back to the point with 1.75 percent gain trading at 37.9$ and the Brent Crude rose by 0.5 percent has raise beyond 40$. And in the Indian

Gold and Agri Commodity Boom , Crude Fall

COMEX gold fell by 0.3 for every penny recorded. With 0.3 for every penny to $ 1230 for each ounce gold cost in the worldwide business sector has come. MCX gold in

MCX India Trading Update

Due to the ascent in US unrefined stores was a decrease in raw petroleum. Be that as it may, toward the start of the week, crude has bounced back. As of now,