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Domestic Commodity Market has been trading in upside at MCX exchanges. Bullions are open at high on the second day and making moments in uptrend in the market. The yellow commodity – Gold and the white commodity- Silver are trading in green and

Gold prices are 403 Rupees high and silver had the edge of 1117 Rupees like as MCX Gold. Gold has been trading in 26312 rupees and its profit is 405 points.

Silver is also up and green and had profit of 1117 points at 41000 Rupees at now.

Energy commodities are open at high on Wednesday and touched the highest trading price in the last twelve months. Crude oil open at 5942 and currently it has the edge of 204 points and trading on 6133 Rs at 05:38 pm.

Natural gas is open at green but now it comes down and have red and still has a low of 0.20 in its trading price 218.40 Rs.

Copper and Nickel have been trading in bullish and busy to extends their profit in the Indian market. Currently copper Aug is trading in 421.85 with profit of 4.60

Nickel July future contact’s trading price is also in up trend by 2.00 and trading in 239.00 at now. Aluminum is also in profit and trading in 108.70 Rs while lead and zinc had 0.65 and 0.55 points high in their trading price.

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