The Biggest Drop in 5 months Gold, Crude at 11-year lows

MCX India Trading CallsUS interest rate increase at the global level has increased pressure on bullion. In the gold-silver bullion market is a huge decline. Weak global cues Bullion Market, silver dropped by Rs 600 to Rs 33,250 per kg on twenty five year low has been reached. While gold dropped by Rs 265 per ten grams to two-week low of Rs 25 375 arrived.
Silver five-year lows
Silver prices is the lowest level since 25 September 2010. Weak industrial demand for silver in the 10 trading days has declined by Rs 1,750. Along with lower demand due to the global pressure on the lower level of gold since December 3 has come.

Recovery in the Global Market

Gold and silver prices in the international market has been slightly improved. Thursday after tumbling 2 percent today in London, gold rose $ 1.8 an ounce reached 1054.5. US gold futures also 4.1 to $ 1053.7 per ounce and has come on strong.

Crude prices at 11-year low

Rising interest rates in the US and over supply due to the sharp fall in crude prices is witnessing. On Nymex crude fell 0.40 percent to $ 34.82 an ounce arrived. Which is the lowest level in 11 years. Meanwhile, Brent crude is at $ 37 per barrel.


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