Crude and Metals Slipped and Four Year Low on Gold

MCX India Trading Calls

MCX Gold is trading at 24683 rupees per 10 grams With a fall of 0.85 percent on, which is a four-year low Graph in India. The price of silver futures slipped 0.35 percent to Rs 33893 per kg has occurred. Crude oil declined by nearly 1 percent to Rs 3,200 per barrel is trading around. Also on the London Metal Exchange metals prices fall due on MCX has started trading with weakness. Copper declined by 0.90 percent to Rs 347 per kg is trading. While nickel declined by 1.16 percent, the highest in lead.

The international market price of gold is at a 5 year low. Comaks 1 percent fall on the gold is trading at 1092 dollars per ounce. According to experts, is likely to see a further decline in gold. 0.65 percent fall to $ 14.68 an ounce while silver has moved on. Indeed, the prospect of rising US interest rates and weak demand from China due to the decline in gold prices is seeing.

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