Crude oil moved up, an increase in gold

Dollar weakness and signs of rising US crude stocks are seeing is an increase in crude oil prices. Dilution crude rose nearly 1 percent in the international market is the level of 44.47 dollars a barrel. The 1.05 per cent to 46.22 dollars a barrel Brent crude is trading at. Crude oil in the domestic market is open along the edge. 1.2 percent in 2972, crude oil was trading at per barrel.
However, before the meeting of the Federal Reserve has turned to gold and silver edge.

MCX India Trading Tips

Gold in the international market with a gain of 0.09 per cent to 1244.5 dollars per ounce level. While silver is the level of 0.82 per cent to 17.25 dollar an ounce. Gold and silver edge in the domestic market is the trend with a gain of 0.24 per cent, MCX gold per ten gram level of 29 264 trades. While silver is also seeing a boom. Silver rose 0.2 percent in early trade at the level of 40 542 is reached.

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