Crude prices may increase 10 dollar Due to Cut procution by Opec

Under the agreement in Algeria, OPEC countries reduced from 3.25 to 3.3 million barrels of crude production to 3.34 million barrels a day will bring. OPEC countries, Saudi Arabia, the highest in the country to 35 million barrels a day of crude production will reduce crude production. The loss of production in other OPEC countries will be the final proposal. OPEC meeting in Vienna on November 30 in the concrete decision will be taken on it.

OPEC countries agreed to cut crude production after becoming a Goldman Sachs Crude prices are expected to rise 7-10 dollars per barrel on September .28 Goldman Sachs said in a report in the next few months, the market Aniscitta the atmosphere will be created. Crude production loss over the September 30 OPEC meeting in Vienna, the official proposal was brought to the crude will remain volatile. Goldman Sachs said crude 43 dollars a barrel by the end of 2016 and in 2017 will be $ 53 per barrel.

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