Fast Gain In Gold and Silver, Crude Down

Today in the local business sector developed with the quick presentation of gold and silver. MCX gold spurted by Rs 171 to Rs 27 695/10 grams, silver picked up Rs 238 to Rs 36 044/kg is Trading. The bullish pattern in gold and silver in the universal business sector is moreover. On the Nymex, gold rose $ 9 to $ 1,166/ounce, while silver stays above $ 0.14 to $ 14.92/ounce has risen.


Crud-Continued unpredictability in the unrefined petroleum at MCX Crude stays at 2116 with lost Rs 41. The Nymex unrefined picked up $ 0.18 to $ 31.07/barrel remains.

Basemetals- Basemetal round log in business today is being seen. 3 rupee Copper is trading at Rs 313, down the aluminium, lead, nickel, zinc exchanged stayed level.

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