Gold imports declined 8 percent, trade deficit at 5-year low

Gold prices in the last year of the country’s gold imports fell to $ 3,172 million (2.11 trillion) was. 3,538 million in the country in 2014-15 (2.35 lakh crore) worth of gold was imported. Domestic and international market, gold prices continue to fall due to the decline in imports is being considered.
In March gold imports declined for the second consecutive month. 80.48 percent in March, gold imports stood at $ 9.73 million. The fall in gold imports trade deficit year low of 5 per 507 million (Rs 34 crore) has come. 1139 million in the corresponding period last year (76 thousand million) was. Lower trade deficit in the third quarter of 2015-16, India’s current account deficit fell to 1.3 per cent of GDP in the same period of the previous year was 1.5 per cent.
Gems and Jewelery Export of gold imports fall even lighter. Only 4.6 per cent in March, Gems and Jewelery Export 361 million (Rs 25 crore) was.

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