Gold & Silver Huge Crash @ Live MCX updates

Gold market expectations and the festival season is ruined. Estimated that its brightness will continue but with a huge crash on the same day, gold fell nearly 1 thousand. Gold dropped to a 3 month low. July has fallen from the upper levels of Rs 2,500. Silver also have broken at around 6000 under 2 month. Yesterday, in just one business day fell below Rs 2,000.

ECB cuts stimulus in gold and silver declined by hearsay. 2 months and 1-month high on dollar, the rupee has risen. India’s gold imports this year has dropped by about 60 percent. While silver is a sharp decline in imports of 50 percent.

Today Gold and silver is recovered in the moment light.In the domestic market, gold is trading around Rs 30,000. Gold prices went on a 3-month low. Silver prices have broken above Rs 6,000. Rs 43,000 in the domestic market.

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