Gold Silver MCX Trading Down in India @ Live Calls Free

Decline in MCX precious metals gold and silver today. MCX Gold prices in the international market has fallen near around 0.5%. Comax gold has come down to 1,300 dollar. With 0.25 per cent on MCX gold is trading below Rs 27710 in the domestic market . The manufacturing figures in China have reached an altitude of 18 months. The Asian stock markets has accelerated. The decline in silver with gold. 0.21 per cent fall on MCX silver has come down to Rs 44,650.

@ MCX Gold day trader can buy aug gold near at 27,725 targets 27800, 27850 stop loss 27651.

@ Buy MCX Silver near at 44,700 with in september contract targets 44850, 44950 stop loss 44551.

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