Gold Silver Trade under pressure today @ Buy bullion today 6 September 2016

Increases in interest rates in the US dollar declined in delay estimates on the rupee got strong support And the price of $ 1 to close at Rs 6.65, down 30 praise occurred. The fall in the dollar in global markets has increased the brightness of gold and Comax gold is trading above $ 1325. Moreover, the price of silver has gone beyond $ 19.

Meanwhile, the domestic market recovery in the rupee is visible on the commodity market. Has put pressure on gold. Silver also pressure is visible. However, the festive season is likely to increase demand for the bullion metals. The discount on gold dropped to its lowest level in the last 3 months. Currently, only 10 grams, is to get a discount of Rs 400. Has had the effect of increasing demand on gold imports and gold imports in August has increased nearly 5 tons.

Gold on MCX trading around 30945 with loss of 0.9 percent, while MCX Silver is trading around 46385 with loss of 0.15 percent today.

@ Buy Gold for October future contract around 30930 to 30950 targets 31025, 31075 stop loss 30865.

@ Buy Silver December future contract 46,400 and put targets 46500, 46600 Stop Loss 46300.

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