How to trade in MCX Base metals@ Copper, Lead, Zinc, Aluminium Callls Tips

By the support of week ruppes MCX base metals are trading boom at taht time.Despite the slowdown in the international market MCX are all metal bouncing around 1 percent today. The fastest growth in nickel. MCX Nickel prices have jumped 1.75 percent and is trading close to Rs 1060.Indeed, exports from Indonesia could not because of the nickel prices are rising steadily. While copper is trading close to 0.80 per cent to Rs 415.metals

Calls @ Base Metals Free

Copper @ Buy Feb contract near at 410 to 411 targets 413, 414.50 stop loss 408.

Zinc @ buy MCX Nickel near at 136 to 136.50 dec contract taregts 137.50, 138.50 stop loss 135.25.

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