MCX Domestic Gold-Silver Down, Crude Slightly Fast 16 July

The US central bank the Federal Reserve by the end of this year clearly indicated that an increase in interest rates. Such is the pressure on gold and the gold price has come down to $ 1,150. Which is the lowest level of the past four months.

MCX Silver is also a declining trend. The expected increase in interest rates in the international market dollar index has climbed. Whose impact on the prices of gold and silver is being witnessed. Meanwhile, crude prices today after yesterday’s sharp fall is moderately fast. In terms of the domestic market, MCX crude oil with 0.12 percent to Rs 3292 seems closer. About 0.50 per cent, while natural gas is trading around Rs 186. Gold is the weakness of 0.27 per cent and is trading below. Latest MCX India¬†Trading Calls¬†Update 16 of July.

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