MCX Gold Silver Up Crude Down

Lifted economic sanctions against Iran’s biggest oil producer in the Chinese market pressure due to global crude prices fell to new lows is 12 years. WTI crude fell to $ 29.15 a barrel, the lowest since 2003, which has come up, the price of Brent crude also came down to 27.67 dollars per barrel. Brent crude has fallen by more than 2 per cent.

Modest gains in gold and silver

Because of the fall in the dollar in gold is gained. Global markets recorded modest gains in gold and silver. Comaks gold with 0.15 percent to $ 1092.3 perounce is reached. While silver is also 0.35 per cent Comaks has reached close to $ 14.
In base metals aluminium with 0.30 per cent at Rs 100 is reached. 0.80 per cent to Rs 300 with the copper is visible around. While the lead with a gain of 0.69 percent is trading around Rs 110. The nickel is trading close to the 1.35 per cent to Rs 580.

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