MCX Gold Soon touch 32500 Levels in Diwali Festiwal

According to Source MCX gold will shine on Diwali. Since January, gold has returned 25 percent. Experts are expected to continue from current levels faster. Most people expected the rise in gold prices, adding that gold could go up to Rs 32000 to 32500. The logic is that the global economy recovery is slow. Increased interest rates in the US so far this year and is unlikely to raise interest rates in December. The global gold ETF is seeing strong investment. The weak rupee repeating the domestic price of gold has found support. In India, gold is guarded by the government, but the price is more global impact.

When gold will fall?

Experts say that this question would raise US interest rates will put pressure on gold. Gold in global markets, a stronger dollar will fall. For the moment do not see anything like that happen. Whereby gold is expected to continue strong.

Investment Tips

For Long term Buy Gold around 31000 targets 32000, 32500 stop loss 30300 you can hold it 1 month.

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