MCX India Trading Tips Today

MCX India Trading Tips

The decline in gold prices in the international market due to the weakening of the domestic market on MCX gold and silver are introduced. This month, gold prices have slipped more than 7 percent. MCX goldsilver open with 0.50 percent. The supply and demand remain weak due to high crude oil prices continue to fall. While all metals except nickel Basametals is red. Agri commodities in terms of shopping, returned to lower levels.

MCX gold with 0.50 per cent at Rs 24 591 per 10 grams level, is trading at. Silver also declined, while the same. Rs 33856 per kg on MCX silver prices slipped occurred. Crude oil continues to decline. Crude oil August Futures declined by 1 per cent to Rs 3,100 per barrel, has slipped down. In terms of the BaseĀ metalĀ all but nickel is trading with a loss.

MCX India Trading Tips

Nickel Sell 707, target 688, stoploss 720

Gold Sell 44850, target 24,720 to 24,600, stoploss 24 980

Copper Sell 341, target 337.50 to 334, stoploss 344.50

Silver Sell 34180, from 33,950 to 33,700 goal, stoploss 34 400

Crude oil Sell 3160, target 3120-3060, stoploss 3200

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