MCX Intraday Live Tips Update

MCX India Trading Tips

Globally, gold and silver prices a drop in demand , gold rose almost four-week high of 190 per ten grams to Rs 26190 arrived. While silver Rs 350 half month high of Rs 36100 per kilogram is trading.
Gold and silver in the sixth season in a row in the seventh season strong.

MCX GOLD Tips : SELL Gold at 25880 – 25910. For Target 25780 – 25650. With stoploss limit set to 26025.

MCX Silver Tips : Buy Silver SEP till Price 35800 for Target 36200 & Target 36400. With stoploss limit set to 35430

MCX Crude Oli Tips : SELL Crude Oil at 2830 – 2840. With stoploss set to 2875. Target Ranges 2800 – 2760.

MCX Copper Tips : BUY 2 Lot of COpper AUG at Current Price 337.0 for Target 340.50 & Target 342.0 with stoploss set to 333.80

According to information received from London, had lost five consecutive bullish sessions in early trade, spot gold to $ 6.2 to $ 1117.8 an ounce slip came. US gold futures also declined to $ 5.20 per ounce in 1118. During this period, the silver spot in London at $ 0.16 to $ 15.35 per ounce fell apart.
According to market analysts, the world’s other major currencies against the dollar, a rise in pressure on the yellow metal. In the second quarter of the year, 12 percent of global demand for gold, it is broken down by the news. According to the World Gold Council, last year’s second quarter declined from 1038 tonnes in the second quarter of this year, gold demand was 914.9 tonnes, which is a six-year low.

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