Non Agri Commodity Market Updates for The Day

Today the crude oil in the Non-Agri commodity is under pressure from the start of business. At present, crude oil is trading 0.9 percent on MCX and trading at 2960 rupees. Natural gas is rolling around 1.5 percent and trading at 189.3 rupees. Gold is flat on MCX and is trading at Rs 28,940. Silver is trading 0.75% and is trading at Rs. 39060.

Mixed business is being seen in MCX base metals. Copper on MCX has dropped about 0.5 percent to 368 rupees, while Aluminium is down 0.25 percent and is trading at 121 rupees. However, Nickel at MCX is trading at 0.5 per cent and is trading at Rs 569. Lead is trading 0.5 percent and is trading at Rs 132.6. Zinc is trading 0.6 percent higher at Rs 159.7.