Oil prices fell further in Asia on Monday MCX Crude prices decline

MCX India Trading Calls

In the domestic market in the first trading session of the week, commodity markets have been mixed start. MCX Crude prices decline, but gold recovery has returned again. The MCX crude oil slipped 0.4 percent to Rs 3085 has arrived. Natural gas slip has arrived 1.25 percent to Rs 176.5 . However, with a gain of 0.5 percent on MCX gold is trading around 24 850 rupees. Also silver is seen around Rs 33 800 0.25 percent.

In international Market Report on MCX

US crude oil production increased pressure on prices is increasing its estimates. Today Naimaks price of crude down to $ 48 level had touched. While Brent crude slipped below $ 55. In fact, US crude’s gains in the rig count. There is believed to be in production and could grow even further. There is pressure on gold prices. Comaks gold is below $ 1,100. Last week, gold had slipped to 55-year lows. Silver is also under pressure. This week’s crucial meeting of the Fed, which is the eye of the market. Copper is at 6-year low.

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