Silver and Gold decline Crude sharply returned to Green

Gold and silver fall, Crude Rapidly Return

In International market Gold and Silver prices fall that’s why they impact also in domestic market too. MCX Gold futures trading Rs 25925 with a decline of 0.38% and Silver in September after a sharp fall 1.02% to Rs 35163 remains, ans the Crude Oil july is in green and trading at Rs 3351 Natural Gas declined by 0.22% Rs 181.60.

The Gold is under $ 1155. The declining trend in Silver. China’s economic data came in better support today’s but it is not found in commodity market. But these figures have Crude surely support. In the international market of crude is up nearly 0.5 per cent. Today’s crude inventory report is forthcoming.
The Base Metals is in the red line and today the aluminum is also a heavy down in the market.
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