Trump is crowned today at the US presidency @ What effect will Bullion Gold Silver and Crude Oil

Trump is crowned today at the US presidency. Today they will take over the functioning and monitoring of the market rests on the entire event. Gold in global markets, which is near 2-month high, while silver has managed to hold up above 17 dollar. The trick is to watch the dollar, after the victory of the Trump nearly 4 percent stronger dollar has come down.

It is believed that Trump can promote American exports and manufacturing. Because to do so would require them to increase jobs. But it would be necessary to overcome the dollar, the dollar is much faster worsens their growth plans. In this case, the dollar will be positive if the pressure to sleep and so the fall in the dollar, gold is trading near the upper level of 2 weeks. And not just for the fall in the dollar, gold, silver and crude oil also will support. However, in today’s dollars and pressure support to the rupee.