Weak Start Gold-Silver and Crude strongly decline

MCX India Trading Calls

Domestic commodity markets, gold-silver, crude oil and natural gas has started strongly with a fall. US interest rates are likely to rise and fall in China’s stock market due to the strong fall in commodity prices is seeing. Gold in the international market has slipĀ at five and a half year low. While crude prices rose close to a four-month low. However, because of the weak dollar has coincided with the rapid onset of Base metals.

MCX India Trading Update

MCX gold declined 0.40 per cent to Rs 24 799 per 10 grams level, is trading at. While silver prices slipped 0.55 per cent to Rs 33 751 per 10 gram has occurred. China’s economy because of growing concern over crude oil declined by 1.20 percent to Rs 3042 per barrel has come. Natural gas prices have fallen 0.40 percent. Although 0.35 percent copper, 1.50 percent nickel and lead prices rose 0.35 percent is.

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